50 greatest Jurassic Park moments

Birds Of A Feather

The Moment: The final scene of Jurassic Park 3 , in which the Pterodactyls are seen flying away from the island in search of a new place to roost.

Dino Magic: The pterodactyls are the stars of the third film, so it’s nice to see them fly off into the sunset. It’s also a neat call-back to the end of the first movie in which a group of seabirds are shown flying over the ocean.

Man To Man

The Moment: Grant and Malcolm share a chat as they wait for the tour to re-start. “You married?” enquires Grant. “Occasionally,” comes the reply.

Dino Magic: The dino magic is about to kick off, but in the calm before the storm, this is a nice dose of humour to penetrate the impending sense of danger.

Up Close And Personal

The Moment: Malcolm finds himself confronted by a Raptor in the disused power station. Attempting to protect himself with a door, he succeeds only in being dumped through a plate-glass window.

Dino Magic: The Raptors are even more vicious in the second film, and it’ll take more than a sheet of ply-wood to put them on the back foot!

Take-Off Aborted

The Moment: As Grant and co. attempt to make a hasty exit from the island, their plane is cut off by the Spinosaurus, which makes a sudden entrance from stage right. The ensuing crash is pretty spectacular…

Dino Magic: The sudden appearance of the Spinosaurus is thrilling enough, but the plane’s bruising detour through the forest really gets the adrenaline pumping.

The Meet

The Moment: Nedry meets his shady contact in broad daylight before going on to mock his request for discretion: “Dodgson, Dodgson, we have Dodgson here! See? Nobody cares. Nice hat! What are ya tryin' to look like - a secret agent?”

Dino Magic: He may be the clown who messes it all up, but Nedry helps himself to some of the film’s funniest lines.

Mommy's Very Angry

The Moment: The T-Rex sends another car hurtling over a cliff-top, prompting Malcolm to quip, “Mommy’s very angry.” Indeed.

Dino Magic: It may not be as dramatic as the car drop scene in the original, but in terms of showing off the raw power of the T-Rex, it works very nicely indeed.

Gently Down The Stream

The Moment: Having narrowly escaped the Pterodactyl aviary, our heroes are treated to a brief respite as they take a leisurely river cruise through Isla Sorna’s less hazardous pastures.

Dino Magic: Amid all the action, it’s a welcome chance to sit back and admire some of the cuddlier inhabitants of this God-forsaken isle!

Get Carter

The Moment: The luckless Carter gets squished by a rampaging T-Rex, his flattened body remaining stuck to the underside of the dinosaur’s foot. Nice…

Dino Magic: It’s probably the most gratuitously silly death scene in the entire series, and deserves recognition for that alone!

I Really Hate That Man

The Moment: As Malcolm mugs into the in-car CCTV cameras, Hammond watches on disdainfully. “I really hate that man,” he grumbled moodily. He’s the least of your problems, old boy…

Dino Magic:
No dinos here, just a solid bit of comedy from old-stager Dickie Attenborough.

Spinosaurus vs. T-Rex

The Moment: As Grant and co run from the T-Rex, they receive a helping hand from the unlikeliest of sources… the Spinosaurus. So begins a truly earth-trembling dust-up…

Dino Magic: Okay, so we didn’t like seeing the T-Rex get turned over, but this was still one of the third film’s better set-pieces…

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