50 greatest Jurassic Park moments

Over The Edge

The Moment: Dr. Grant, Tim and Lex make their escape from the T-Rex down the side of a handy ravine. Unfortunately for them, one of the two cars is following hot on their heels.

Dino Magic:
As if the T-Rex attack hadn’t already put the audience through the wringer, the scene with the falling car is arguably even tenser. Nobody could ever accuse Spielberg of not giving his punters enough bang for their buck!

The Goat

The Moment: The helpless goat that was tethered inside the T-Rex pen seems to have disappeared… oh no, there it is!

Dino Magic: The dino in question is off-screen here, but it still manages to serve up one of the movie’s biggest jumps. Poor old goat…

No Wonder You're Extinct

The Moment: Nedry encounters an inquisitive Dilophosaurus, which turns out to be less than friendly when it makes its way into his car…

Dino Magic:
In reality, a Dilophosaurus never possessed paralysing spittle, but it’s just so much cooler that way! Sorry fat man, the game’s up.

Hold On To Your Butts

The Moment: Mr. Arnold powers down the park’s infrastructure, prompting him to deliver the closest thing the film has to a catchphrase…

Dino Magic:
Though not a dinosaur, Sam Jackson is a deadpan treat throughout. If only someone would teach us how to smoke a cigarette like that.


The Moment: Grant and the kids take advantage of the park’s power outage to scuttle over an electrified fence. However, with Tim only halfway across, the warning lights begin to power up…

Dino Magic:
No dinosaurs on display here, just a lot of tension. Grant’s pretend electrocution lowers the viewer’s guard for the sucker punch that duly follows…

Step On It

The Moment: Sattler and Muldoon attempt to outpace the angry T-Rex in their Jeep, with Malcolm sat perilously close to those snapping jaws in the back seat.

Dino Magic:
There’s no element of surprise here, as the T-Rex is in plain view throughout, but that doesn’t make it any less nerve-shredding. That lizard has got some pace in its locker…

T-Rex Rescue

The Moment: Just as the Raptors appear to have Grant and chums cornered, the T-Rex comes careering into the visitors centre to save the day. Hooray!

Dino Magic: We all love the T-Rex really, and it’s nice to see her play the hero come the film’s big finale. And a spot of dino-on-dino action always goes down a treat…

Feel It In My Water

The Moment: The T-Rex’s entrance is announced by a ripple in Gennaro’s glass of water. Something massive this way comes…

Dino Magic: It’s a classic Spielberg touch, a seemingly innocent object encapsulating the increasing anxiety of both characters and audience alike!

Clever Girl

The Moment: Muldoon is comprehensively outwitted by a pair of Raptors, one of which emerges out of the bushes whilst his gun is trained on the other. “Clever girl,” he murmurs, before the mauling begins.

Dino Magic: The T-Rex might be the biggest dog in the yard, but the Raptors are certainly the cleverest. As for Muldoon, well it's probably how he would have wanted to go, isn’t it?

T-Rex Attack

The Moment: The episode in which the T-Rex attacks Lex and Timmy in the car is indisputably the most terrifying sequence of the entire film. Thank goodness for plexiglass eh?

Dino Magic:
The animatronic T-Rex is shown off in all its glory here and the effects still stand up today. Sensational stuff and one of the greatest monster-movie scenes of all time.

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