50 Greatest Heath Ledger Movie Moments

Paddle Me This

The Moment: Ledger and Julia Stiles have a little paddle, and discuss why they’re so rebellious and stuff. It’s mostly good because of their fantastic chemistry, which really sparkles here.

Ledger Magic: Sure, Ledger has chemistry with a spoon, but he really works it with Stiles in 10 Things I Hate About You.

Joust Off

The Moment: “I think he’s getting worse.” William trains to become a master jouster, but fails to get the hang of it in A Knight’s Tale . Cue targets in faces and being hurled off the horse more times than we care to count.

Ledger Magic: Ledger goes for gold during this physically demanding scene, proving he's up for anything.

Lets Dance

The Moment: Ledger and Kate Hudson dance together in this rather lovely little sequence from Four Feathers .

Ledger Magic: All smiles and charming glances, Ledger looks quite at home in his military togs.

More Swords

The Moment: Casanova (Ledger) engages in a duel for a woman’s heart, but discovers he’s actually duelling with Sienna Miller’s feisty author. Oo-la-la.

Ledger Magic: Most men would be cowed by the fact that they’ve almost lost to a girl. Ledger looks like he quite likes that fact.


The Moment: Ledger and Julia Stiles have a little fun playing paintball together in 10 Things I Hate About You – and then collapsing into multi-coloured kisses. Ah, the romance.

Ledger Magic: He makes it look so fun we wish we were there. For the paintballing, not the kissing, of course.

First Duel

The Moment: William (Ledger) assumes the identity of a dead knight (in A Knight's Tale ) and enters into his first duelling contest. He ends up with a dented helmet, but he wins anyway.

Ledger Magic: You never see his face in the suit of armour, but the comedy line delivery is beautifully dry.

Botched Bank Job

The Moment: Ledger attempts to rob a bank in Two Hands , but it all goes a bit wrong when his accomplice trips over the counter.

Ledger Magic: Talk about foreshadowing The Dark Knight…

Gibson Giggle

The Moment: Ledger and Mel Gibson share a giggle as father and son in The Patriot . A rare light moment in a tough period drama.

Ledger Magic: Ledger played up his innate likability here, and boy does it work. We’d call him a young Mel Gibson if that wasn’t considered an insult these days.

Oh, Romeo

The Moment: “Come my sweet, taste my lips,” Ledger purrs in Aussie drama Paws , as he attempts to woo the lead lady during the rehearsal for the school play – and puckering up. Only to get caught in a fan tunnel.

Ledger Magic: Ledger does the ‘comedy jock’ thing.

Pipe Dream

The Moment: “Can I have my pipe back now please?” gruffs Tony (Ledger) in The Imaginarium Of Dr Parnassus , as Andrew Garfield toys with him, hiding his beloved pipe. Fun times .

Ledger Magic: Ledger excels at playing with our expectations – is this guy a goodie or a baddie?

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