50 Greatest Heath Ledger Movie Moments

I Want You

The Moment: A montage from I’m Not There , in which Ledger’s Robbie finds love with Charlotte Gainsbourg, all while Bob Dylan’s ‘I Want You’ plays.

Ledger Magic: It’s all about the naturalism, and Ledger has that in spades.

How Does An Englishman Laugh?

The Moment : Harry (Ledger) holes up in a cave with Abou (Djimon Hounsou) in Four Feathers . By the firelight, they joke about how an Englishman laughs .

Ledger Magic: Ah, there’s that smile again.

Jack Fuckin Twist

The Moment: Jack arrives on Ennis’ doorstep and the two hug – before crashing into one another for a kiss pent-up with emotion.

Ledger Magic: “There’s a fine line between love and hate” goes the saying, and this scene perfectly embodies that – Ledger beautifully captures Ennis’ inner struggle.

Wink Wink

The Moment: Having just won a jousting match, William (Ledge) winks back at Jocelyn (Shannyn Sossamon) in A Knight’s Tale .

Ledger Magic: A smile. A wink. That tousled hair. No wonder we all fell for him.

Ned Kelly?

The Moment: “Ned Kelly? I’m sure I’ve heard that name somewhere before?” ponders an upper-class gent, seconds before Ledger’s Kelly pulls a gun on him, revealing he is the famous gang leader.

Ledger Magic: He’s hidden behind a massive beard, but still Ledger has the Midas touch.

Golden Years

The Moment: David Bowie’s ‘Golden Years’ plays in A Knight’s Tale as William (Ledger) cracks out a few medieval dance moves on the dance floor.

Ledger Magic: Ledger shows how versatile he really is – he could act, sing and dance.

The Kiss

The Moment: Wet kisses aren’t generally considered romantic, but they are in Casanova . Here, Ledger’s lady lover gets the better of Sienna Miller’s ballsy author, and they lock lips in a downpour.

Ledger Magic: All tender and furtive, Ledge is every bit the romantic hero here.

Whos The Fairest?

The Moment: Jack (Ledger) puts things to right in Brothers Grimm with the help of an axe, smashing the Evil Queen’s mirror and destroying her for good.

Ledger Magic: Considering he’s clearly acting against a green screen, Ledger’s right in the moment here.

Maggie May

The Moment: A barely-recognisable Ledger plays Skip in Lords Of Dogtown . In this scene, he’s crafting a surfing board when Rod Stewart’s ‘Maggie May’ comes on the radio, inspiring an impromptu sing-a-long .

Ledger Magic: Ledger loved to exercise the pipes, and he matches Stewart’s breathy vocals beautifully.

I Love You, Baby

The Moment: 10 Things I Hate About You again. This time, Ledger’s Patrick is attempting to woo hard-nosed Kat (Julia Stiles). How does he get her attention? By singing ‘Can’t Take My Eyes Off You’ over the school tannoy .

Ledger Magic: Cheesy? Hell yes. But in Ledger’s capable hands, this scene becomes effortlessly charming.

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