50 Greatest Heath Ledger Movie Moments


The Moment: Ledger goes for a dip in some tiny little trunks in Two Hands , stupidly burying some money in the sand. When he gets back, the money’s gone – and Ledge ain’t happy.

Ledger Magic: He was only 19 when he made Two Hands , but that doesn’t stop Ledger being fantastic – yes, even in Speedos.

Trucking Along

The Moment: The Joker is at the centre of The Dark Knight ’s mammoth highway clash between the giggling goon, the police, and Batman himself.

Ledger Magic: Ledger lets loose here, revelling in the chaos that Joker wreaks. The bit where he trips out of the lorry and his gun goes off is a fantastic bit of physical acting.

Just Quit

The Moment: “I wish I knew how to quit you,” says Jack in Brokeback Mountain . “Then why don’t you?” yells Ennis, “why don’t you just let me be?”

Ledger Magic: The pain in Ledger's eyes? You really believe that's real.

Old Wreck

The Moment: Cradling a bottle in and brown paper bag (in Lords Of Dogtown ), Skip (Ledger) steps into the wreckages of the burned down pier and chats with Emile Hirsch.

Ledger Magic: Ledger always had a gift for giving his characters distinctive voices, and Skip’s surfer dude vernacular, slurred by too much booze, is as distinctive as the rest.

Grimm Introductions

The Moment: In The Brothers Grimm , Will (Matt Damon) and Jake (Ledger) find themselves at the wrong end of numerous gun barrels when they attempt to introduce themselves to the rather paranoid people of Marbaden.

Ledger Magic: Elbows at right angles and full of nervous twitches, Ledger has fun playing up Jake’s tics.

Rooftop Frolics

The Moment: Casanova (Ledger) is chased across the rooftops of Venice, half dressed and at risk of falling to his death in the canal.

Ledger Magic: If we could believe anybody in the role of ladykiller Casanova, Ledger’s the man for the job.

Candy Cane

The Moment: “There’s no going back,” says former druggie Dan (Ledger) in Candy , as he meets Candy (Abbie Cornish) for the first time since they got clean. Crestfallen, he realises that their relationship revolved completely around drugs, and they can no longer be together .

Ledger Magic: Ledger knew how to pluck the heartstrings, and this is a standout example.

Nuns The Word

The Moment: The Joker pays Harvey Dent a visit in the hospital. Ever the mad man, he’s dressed in a natty wig and a nurse’s outfit – and then hands Dent a gun, giving him the option to shoot him.

Ledger Magic: Deliciously demented as always.

How Camp

The Moment: Ennis and Jack set up camp in the mountains, where a blazing campfire sizzles. Then Ennis joins Jack in his tent, where Ennis attempts to overcome his fear of his own sexuality, relaxing into Jack’s embrace.

Ledger Magic:
Capturing Ennis’ inner turmoil completely in his eyes and his stony jawline, this is easily one of Ledger’s finest performances.

Under The Bridge

The Moment: When it comes to character introductions, this one’s a doozy. Tony (Ledger) is found hanging under Westminster Bridge in The Imaginarium Of Dr Parnassus , and ‘saved’ by Andrew Garfield and co. Except nothing it quite what it seems when it comes to Tony.

Ledger Magic:
Ledger doesn't get to do much, but as a character moment it's a highlight.

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