50 Greatest Actor Names

Shia LaBoeuf

Why We Love It: LaBoeuf’s meteoric rise to Hollywood stardom is all the more surprising when you consider the continental ambience surrounding his oddly tender and emotional name.

Sounds Like: A reclusive cow.

J.B. Smoove

Why We Love It: With one of the greatest surnames in modern popular culture/the history of time, the Pootie Tang and We Bought A Zoo comedian has steadily grown in stature since appearing in Larry David’s Curb Your Enthusiasm .

His killer name can only have been an asset in his acendancy. It does make him stand out from the crowd.

Sounds Like: A player.

Summer Glau

Why We Love It: The ultimate sci-fi sex symbol, having stared in Serenity and The Terminator TV series, Glau also possesses a name that's the ideal summer compliment to give to a pregnant woman.

Sounds Like: A suntan lotion.

Joaquin Phoenix

Why We Love It: Now officially regarded as one of cinema’s craziest ever actors, it's a surprise to note that Joaquin is actually only the second weirdest name he’s ever possessed.

At one point he was called Leaf. Wow.

Sounds Like: A great night out in Arizona.

Wings Hauser

Why We Love It: Just look at it. His son Cole might have outshone his father’s efforts with his recent starring roles, but thanks to his forename he’ll never come close to eclipsing him in the long run.

Sounds Like: An angel.

Garret Dillahunt

Why We Love It: Garret is a name that sadly seems to have gone out of fashion. But why? It’s so elegant and swanky.

Dillahunt has recently popped up in both Killing Them Softly and Looper , so hopefully his appearance will spark a fresh batch. Fingers crossed.

Sounds Like: A classy gentleman.

C.C.H. Pounder

Why We Love It: Three initials? Really? Come on, that’s just greedy! We’ll forgive you though because the surname Pounder is simply sublime.

Seriously, that’s got to be the strangest stage-name to ever grace … wait, it’s real?

Sounds Like: A burger.

Orlando Bloom

Why We Love It: Whatever your feelings for the actor, you’ve got to admit that just hearing Orlando’s name manages to brighten up your day.

It’s got a sunny glow that echoes Legolas’ youthful vigour.

Sounds Like: A flower.

Vin Diesel

Why We Love It: In hindsight, Vin Diesel was the only man who could have starred in the Fast And The Furious series.

In fact, if he’d been born a few decades earlier (and as a cartoon) he could easily have raced alongside Penelope Pitstop in The Wacky Races . Possible reboot? You're welcome world.

Sounds Like: A kind of petrol.

Walton Goggins

Why We Love It: It has a childlike innocence that evokes an image of a five-year-old Goggins being yelled at in his school classroom for getting up to mischief.

It probably meant that he also got bullied a lot. He’s the cinematic equivalent of A Boy Named Sue .

Sounds Like: An eccentric.