50 Comic Panels That Should Be Movie Scenes

Batman #405

The Comic Panel: The iconic image from Frank Miller and David Mazzucchelli’s ‘Year One’ saw the new protector of Gotham City confronting the crime families who grow fat while the poor suffer, emerging from a destroyed wall. “Ladies and gentlemen, you have eaten well...”

Big Screen Version: The silhouetted appearance of Batman and the memorable lines are an atmospheric way of introducing the vigilante in any future origins or flashbacks.

Captain America #111

The Comic Panel: While under the influence of a hallucinogenic toxin, Captain America’s sidekick Rick Jones dreams that he is being judged by the original Bucky, long thought dead.

Big Screen Version: We aren’t sure how it is going to be handled, but the return of Bucky in Captain America: The Winter Soldier will surely deal with feeling of loss and betrayal between the former sidekick and mentor. Captain America might find himself suffering some disturbing dreams mired in the past.

Young Avengers #4

The Comic Panel: Noh Varr (the interdimensional alien sometimes known as Marvel Boy) saves his new teammates in beautifully choreographed style. This panel is one-of-a-kind.

Big Screen Version: Just as we would love to see the Young Avengers make their leap to the big screen, we would love to see the dynamism of this fight translated into real life.

Superman #2

The Comic Panel: Lex Luthor has the answer he wants in his hands, but rejects the truth of it because he cannot imagine Superman pretending to be Clark Kent. He cannot comprehend that kind of humanity and humility.

Big Screen Version: Lex Luthor has been teased for Man of Steel 2 . No other scene quite sums up his character as succinctly as this one does.

Batman #428

The Comic Panel: Another classic from ‘A Death in the Family’. Batman takes his rage and sorrow out on Superman with effects that are - if you stop to think about it - entirely predictable.

Big Screen Version: Batman and Superman are - in physical terms - entirely unmatched. Bruce Wayne may have to learn this lesson in Warner Bros next film.

Batman #427

The Comic Panel: The brutal slaying of former Robin Jason Todd at the hands of the Joker in the infamous ‘A Death in the Family’ storyline. Todd is alive again now, but we do not talk about that.

Big Screen Version: Ben Affleck has promised an old, darker Batman for the Man of Steel sequel. This could be a flashback to explain some of the darkness within him.

X-Men #25

The Comic Panel: Magneto steps over the line in his brutal attack on one of the X-Men’s own. This had huge repercussions for the villain’s relationship with Xavier, as well as Wolverine’s physical health.

Big Screen Version: The movie version of Magneto has delivered a few villainous plans, but is yet to commit any appalling acts. Michael Fassbender and Hugh Jackman could knock this out of the park in Days of Future Past and add darkness to the villain.

Dark Knight Returns #4

The Comic Panel: Two ageing allies go toe-to-toe in Frank Miller’s possible future. An angry, armoured Batman is actually evenly matched with the weakened Superman. Almost.

Big Screen Version: If the Man of Steel sequel really is to show Batman vs Superman, this is the kind of level playing field they will need. Anything less would be no contest at all.

House of M #8

The Comic Panel: After decades of publishing history (and untold years of fictional lifetime) shrouded in mystery, Wolverine finally regains all his memories. The look of surprise on his face says it all.

Big Screen Version: A third Wolverine film has been teased. We know he has memories from the first X-Men Origins outing to regain. What other surprises could be waiting for him to recall?

Uncanny X-Men #168

The Comic Panel: A then very young Kitty Pryde lashes out, declaring that “Professor Xavier is a jerk” for talking down to her. The instance was probably unjustified, but Xavier has been a jerk so frequently that the bold panel remains unforgettable.

Big Screen Version: Ready for any future X-Men film you like, in the mouth of any X-Man. James McAvoy’s Professor X certainly set the stage for more jerky behaviour, compared to Patrick Stewart gentlemanly older incarnation.