50 Comic Panels That Should Be Movie Scenes

Amazing Spider-Man #50

The Comic Panel: Another classic moment in Marvel Comics history when, crushed by his personal failings and the public’s anti-Spider-Man sentiment, Peter Parker decided to give up his life as the wall crawler. He was reminded of the death of his Uncle Ben and back in costume before the issue ended, surprising no one.

Big Screen Version: With at least two more core Amazing Spider-Man films in the works and a series spinoffs, there is plenty of room for our hero to have a crisis of confidence. Just like this issue, it is an opportunity for Parker to renew his mission and relive the trauma of losing his uncle.

All-Star Superman #10

The Comic Panel: Superman is trying to save the world. He is also dying. Time is short. But that does not stop him from saving the life of one would-be suicide. That is what Superman is all about.

Big Screen Version: Man of Steel was accused of portraying a Superman more interested in punching things than saving lives. Here is an opportunity to show his humanity and compassion in one simple scene.

Captain America #25

The Comic Panel: Steve Rogers survived the superhero Civil War and was taken into custody by S.H.I.E.L.D. But the final tragedy was yet to come, when his sometime lover Sharon Carter shot him dead in public.

Big Screen Version: ‘The Death of Captain America’ followed on from the ‘Winter Soldier’ story. Who can say how the film of the same name will end later this year...?

Amazing Spider-Man #33

The Comic Panel: This iconic panel saw Spider-Man in a struggle that was not against some goon in a brightly coloured costume. This was a conflict between the crushing weight above him and his will to survive.

Big Screen Version: Previous Spider-Man films have been accused of packing in too many villains. This is an opportunity to shine to spotlight directly back on to Peter Parker.

Wonder Woman: The Hiketeia

The Comic Panel: While protecting a supposed murderer under the ancient laws of her people, Wonder Woman found herself throwing down with Batman, who was on the trail of the same killer.

Big Screen Version: We are not sure how Wonder Woman is going to be portrayed in her Man of Steel 2 debut, but putting the slamdown on Batman is a great way to show that she is a real contender for the title of world’s toughest superhero.

Hellboy: The Island #1

The Comic Panel: This is Hellboy. His life is filled with strange occurrences. For instance, he might be drinking in an old pub just to realise his companions are the skeletons of sailors. Then Hecate, goddess of witches shows up to interrupt. He takes it in his stride.

Big Screen Version: Hellboy 3 is frequently teased but - as far as we know - remains unlikely. But if it does come back, this panel typifies a aspect of Hellboy that we did not see in the first two films, showing the full extent of the humour and strangeness of the character.

Final Crisis #2

The Comic Panel: And here’s the reverse. After decades assumed dead, Barry Allen came in running to save the day, DC Comics’ embodiment of death - the Black Racer - hot on his heels. When it comes to returns, and entrances in general, this was epic.

Big Screen Version: Whether he’s returning from death or appearing in Man of Steel 2 for the first time, there’s no better way to introduce the Flash than by bringing him in in a burst of speed, running for his life.

Crisis on Infinite Earths #8

The Comic Panel: In an attempt to save the multiverse from utter annihilation, Barry Allen - the Flash - runs at such a high speed that he is erased from existence. Unlike many comic book deaths, his sacrifice remained in place for over 20 years.

Big Screen Version: The Flash is one of the many characters who has been rumoured for the Superman vs Batman film. Whether in that or a later solo/ Justice League movie, this would make a great noble sacrifice at the climax, and one that could be undone with relative ease in a later film.

New X-Men #138

The Comic Panel: Jean Grey walks in on her husband Cyclops and sometime X-Men villain Emma Frost engaged in a steamy psychic affair. This undid a relationship that was a staple of 40 years of X-Men comics.

Big Screen Version: None of these characters are lined up to appear in Days of Future Past , but Apocalypse and future films could set this up. Beyond the specifics, this scene typifies the high drama for which the comic is known and the films are yet to entirely capture.

The Sandman #8

The Comic Panel: ‘The Sound of Her Wings’ was the first time that Neil Gaiman’s seminal comic series slowed down its pace and introduced Morpheus’s fan favourite sister, Death. This panel says a lot about their relationship and the fact that death is not the character that you were probably expecting.

Big Screen Version: Joseph Gordon Levitt is attached to the movie adaptation of The Sandman . If Death does not feature in it, fans will be furious. This issue remains a stellar introduction.