5 Star Wars: The Last Jedi secrets this intense behind-the-scenes stunt video tells us

Even the drip-drip mentality of promo material for Star Wars: The Last Jedi can sometimes tell us a whole lot. Case in point: on the face of it, this intense training featurette showing off Rey, Kylo Ren, Phasma, and Finn in action may look cool and nothing else. Dig a little deeper, however, and there are plenty of secrets to be unearthed… Possible spoilers follow.

Why Rey uses Luke's lightsaber again

To put it simply, she’s bored with training with her staff, as Rian Johnson reveals. She has Luke Skywalker’s lightsaber in her satchel and – as shown by Daisy Ridley going full on Jedi – she’s pretty nifty with it too.

Captain Phasma (probably) has more than one fight scene

“This is the hardest [most] physical thing I’ve done yet,” says Gwendoline Christie, the woman under Phasma’s shiny armour. For Brienne of Tarth to come out and say that is pretty incredible really. The feature hints at Phasma going all-guns blazing at one point and, of course, getting up close and personal with Finn. But that extensive training is probably going to come in handy at more than one point in the movie.

Rose gets physical

Newcomer Kelly Marie Tran isn’t afraid of mixing it up too. You name it, it’s all here: kendo sticks, batons, boxing gloves, and (of course) a blaster. It’s nice to see that Rose isn’t just here to make up the numbers; expect her to make an explosive impact in The Last Jedi.

Kylo and Rey fighting each other (and someone else?)

Kylo and Rey were bound to come face to face (or, rather lightsaber to lightsaber) at some point again. Adam Driver is seen facing off in training against someone with a green prop saber (Rey’s new lightsaber perhaps?) and Daisy Ridley is holding a similar looking saber at a different point in the video. Kylo is also fighting a group of people. Could they be Snoke’s Prateorian guards – and is Rey helping him?

Rey's Mission: Impossible dive

The trailers have shown us a lot of action, but nothing quite like this. Rey is going all Mission: Impossible on us by taking a dive through the air. A suicidal dive to save someone, an adrenaline-pumping escape, or just showing off? Not long now until we find out for sure…

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Image: Lucasfilm

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