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3D print your custom Halo 5 Spartan starting Friday

If your Spartan is the prettiest belle of the brawl and you just can't resist showing them off, Microsoft has a treat for you. The company has partnered with Sandboxr to allow you to 3D print your own custom supersoldier as it appears in Halo 5: Guardians (opens in new tab).

Starting Friday, you'll be able to log on to Halo Waypoint and equip your Spartan with the armors, helmets, and visors you've unlocked via REQ packs, then send the final configuration off to be printed. A small (4-4.5" tall) figure will run $29.99, medium (5-5.5") figures will be $49.99, and large (6-7") will be $89.99. That's roughly $7.50 per inch, $10 per inch, and $12.86 per inch of Spartan, respectively. Shipping will be free until December 6.

I haven't found an armor configuration I'm totally happy with just yet, but maybe this will inspire me to play some more and unlock that Noble helmet I've been lusting after.

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Sam Prell
Sam Prell

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