3 Years after completing Zelda: Majora's Mask's first no-hit run, speedrunner goes one better by doing it again with 100% completion after 2 months of near misses

A screenshot of the moon in The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask.
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A streamer has become the first person to beat The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask with 100% completion while avoiding all hits from enemy attacks.

This brutal challenge was taken on by MajinPhil, who managed to overcome it after two months of attempts. The fact that this hasn't happened before in the almost 24 years that Majora's Mask has been out in the wild is telling of just how difficult it was, but the speedrunner made things even harder than they had to be by banning themselves from blocking attacks with the shield. This meant that every attack needed to be completely dodged, so there was very little room for error.

On top of that, MajinPhil wasn't able to use any glitches to aid their journey, so the whole thing was completed fair and square. The winning run was around 10 hours long – and completed in a single sitting – which is an incredibly long time to be fully on guard and waiting to dive out of the way of any incoming threats. You can take a look below

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If this feat sounds at all familiar, it's likely because this isn't the first time that MajinPhil has taken on a challenge like this. The streamer became the first to complete a no-hit Any% run of Majora's Mask (meaning they beat the game but without doing absolutely everything) back in 2021. While this was – and still is – seriously impressive, the 100% run was naturally far harder just because of how long it went on for, as they had a far larger list of things to do before even attempting the final boss.

After the winning run yesterday (March 3, 2024), MajinPhil noted that one of the previous failed attempts, that ended after taking two hits during the final boss fight, almost caused them to take a break from the challenge altogether, but they ultimately decided to push through. In the end, this was definitely worth it, and they'd gone into the victorious attempt very prepared as they'd practised fighting the final boss right at the start of the stream. Not such a terrible fate after all, huh?

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