3 Days of Spider-Man 3 - Producer Interview

You've said the AI of enemies will be improved. Can you give us an idea of how enemies will react to Spidey?

John: With the power of the new consoles, we were able to greatly expand the abilities of the enemies. In particular, this allowed us to create a larger variety of enemies - we have over 20 distinct enemy types. With the boss battles we really went all out to make each one a cinematic, engaging and unique experience. I can't say I have a favorite, since they're all amazing fun and big gameplay experiences. They're going blow the player away.

This game is set to be more free-roaming than ever. Can you give us an example of how much freedom the player has?

John: The player is able to go from the top of the tallest buildings in Manhattan to the street level, and below into the subways and sewers. We don't just use the beautiful city as a backdrop for our great web-swinging system- the city is a fundamental setting for some of our most elaborate missions. There's one mission where you have to race across the city to disarm a bomb, that leads you into a factory with several distinct interiors and modes of game play, and finally to an amazing cinematic sequence that you play through. We've never had levels this extensive and varied.

What are the main differences between the film and the game? And what's the coolest thing in the game that isn't in the film?

John: The film is a film experience and hits on the emotional core of Spider-Man. As a game we immerse the player into the world of Spider-Man - into the world of the film. The player becomes Spider-Man.