23 Female Characters For The Avengers

Betty Ross

The Comic-Book Character: The long-suffering love interest of Bruce Banner aka The Incredible Hulk.

The Movie Version: A cameo, as the Avengers' activities draws Betty's attention to Bruce's current whereabouts, and they share a few tender moments in between the mayhem.

Played By: Given that Mark Ruffalo has replaced Edward Norton, Liv Tyler would provide some much-needed continuity with the earlier film.


The Comic-Book Character: Heather Douglas is a shaven-headed, bisexual telepath who achieved her powers after being trained by alien monks.

The Movie Version: Effectively working as a spy, Moondragon is the person who gives the Avengers the lowdown on HYDRA's plans and initiates the action.

Played By: A hairless Naomi Watts would provide the necessary gravitas.


The Comic-Book Character: Like Thor, Amora is an Asgardian - but she decided to side with The Avengers' enemies, the Masters of Evil.

Rather handily, she can make any man become her slave simply by kissing him with her enchanted lips.

The Movie Version: A major villain, who is revealed to have been controlling the Skrull and HYDRA through enchantment for her own nefarious ends.

Played By: Evan Rachel Wood