20 underground horror movies

End Of The Line (2007)

How deep is it? This is yet another horror movie about the dangers of taking the subway home. We suspect some writers get inspiration from having to put up with crappy commutes.

The explorers: Nurse Karen (Ilona Elkin), who just wants to go home after a long shift.

What else is down there? Either terrifying monsters, or a demented Doomsday cult. They kind of amount to the same thing in the end.

Chances of getting out alive? Slim.

Phantom Of The Opera (1925)

How deep is it? Deep enough for there to be an eerie subterranean dungeon only accessible by boat over an underground river beneath the streets of Paris.

The explorers: Singing sensation Christine (Mary Philbin) is more of a prisoner than an explorer.

What else is down there? Like the title says, the Phantom (Lon Chaney), who lives deep below the opera house.

Chances of getting out alive? Pretty good, although you might have to agree to marry a deformed bullying monster along the way.

Underground (2011)

How deep is it? A good couple of storeys; deep enough to make it hard to get out, anyway.

The explorers: During an illegal rave, a group of partygoers take a wrong turn and find themselves trapped in a military bunker.

What else is down there? Inevitably, murderous mutants, but also a bunch of military secrets and some horrifying allegory about the nature of war.

Chances of getting out alive? Even if you make it out, youll never be the same again.

Catacombs (2007)

How deep is it? The network of tunnels underneath Paris spans some 200 miles, with some parts deeper (and scarier) than others.

The explorers: Thrill-seeking ravers, including sisters Victoria (Shannyn Sossamon) and Carolyn (Pink).

What else is down there? According to the stories, a serial killer called Antichrist stalks the tunnels, murdering anyone daft enough to wander away from their tour group. But that might not be entirely accurate

Chances of getting out alive? Not brilliant, especially if youre the kind of person given to telling spooky stories to vulnerable young women.

As Above, So Below (2014)

How deep is it? Considering how terrifying they are, its surprising there aren't more horror movies set in the Catacombs of Paris.

The explorers: This time round, the intrepid explorers are a group of camera wielding students.

What else is down there? Anything and everything youre scared of, plus possibly a gateway to hell.

Chances of getting out alive? About 50/50.

The Strangeness (1987)

How deep is it? Gold mines tend to be a good couple of miles deep, so were talking scary deep especially since the mine links up with a naturally occurring cave system.

The explorers: A mismatched group of explorers hired by the mines owners to investigate the disappearance of several miners and decide whether its worth reopening the site. Theres not enough money in the world, is there?

What else is down there? A slimy tentacled Lovecraftian nightmare. And it eats people. Because of course it does.

Chances of getting out alive? Its not looking good.

Resident Evil (2002)

How deep is it? The Umbrella Corporations Racoon City headquarters extend at least a couple storeys underground.

The explorers: The amnesiac Alice (Milla Jovovich) leads a ragtag group of commandos and other Umbrella employees through the facility.

What else is down there? Zombies, mainly, but also a killer AI that manifests as a creepy little girl.

What Waits Below (1985)

How deep is it? The caves in What Waits Below were picked for their depth, since the US government needed somewhere to test its radio equipment for communicating with submarines. So, deep.

The explorers: Army dudes, mostly.

What else is down there? Albino cave-dwelling horrors. Luckily, theyre vulnerable to radio waves.

Chances of getting out alive? Not terrible, actually. Just keep your radio on...

The Cave (2005)

How deep is it? Very deep. Immeasurably deep, especially since no-one whos ever gone in to measure has made it out alive before.

The explorers: A mixed bunch of archaeologists and cave explorers, investigating the enormous cave system hidden below an ancient abbey. Because if the Templars reckoned there were demons in there, itll be a great idea to jump in, right?

What else is down there? A previously unknown parasite that mutates its host and turns it murderous.

Chances of getting out alive? Not high at all.

The Pyramid (2014)

How deep is it? Again, its hard to say; the top of the pyramid is just below ground level, but how far it extends below ground is a mystery that seems likely to remain unsolved.

The explorers: A team of archaeologists, including father-daughter team Miles (Denis OHare) and Nora (Ashley Hinshaw), plus a film crew.

What else is down there? What isn't down there? might be a better question. There are toxic fungi, mutated cats, and oh yeah, something that might be an ancient Egyptian god. It goes without saying that all of these things want to kill you.

Chances of getting out alive? Negligible.