The 25 greatest Star Wars parodies

6. South Park

Joon-Joon The Jakovasaur

A camping trip turns sour when the boys discover Joon-Joon a humanoid duck who happens to be the most annoying creature in the universe. Written by Trey Parker and Matt Stone as a backlash against the cruel joke that is Jar Jar Binks, Joon-Joon actually has more charm than the original Gungan menace. Considering the stubbly-legged, cross-eyed creature exists solely as a mockery of Jar Jar, that's quite a feat.

5. Spaceballs (1987)

The whole film

Painfully punny and overcooked to perfection, Mel Brooks silly gag-fest is spilling over with groaning dad-jokes and signposted punch lines you can see coming from a galaxy far, far away. Pizza The Hutt? Use The Schwartz? And what about the enormously oversized headpiece worn by Dark Helmet? Star Wars might be the primary target, but the Alien skit is the funniest thing in the film.

4. Hot Shots! Part Deux (1993)

Darth Saddam

The second Hot Shots movie asks an intriguing question, and answers it with a Star Wars-inspired romp. What would have happened if the President Of The United States had met Saddam Hussein during the height of the Gulf War? Theyd have both grabbed lightsabers, of course, and finished the war like men with occasional breaks so Saddam can have a quick puff on his inhaler. (Before Saddam exploded, turned into liquid metal, and T2-d himself into half-man, half-cat).

3. Spaced

Tims rant

Pegg, Frost and Wright owe a big chunk of their careers to George Lucas nodding and winking to the original trilogy throughout their late 90s TV starter Spaced. Its hard to choose a favourite tip of the hat, but its harder to find a better argument against The Phantom Menace than Tims (Pegg) emotional rant at 10-year-old who says he likes Jar Jar Binks. You werent there at the beginning, you dont understand how important it was this is it for you, this jumped up firework display of a toy advert!

Family Guy (2010)

Laugh It Up, Fuzzball: The Family Guy Trilogy

Three special episodes long, Seth MacFarlanes epic spoof spin-off manages to lampoon the entire original trilogy. Stewie is Vader, the Cookie Monster is the Hoth Wampa and Luke trains to be a Jedi via the Rocky IV Dolph Lundgren montage. One particularly daft highlight comes - of course - during the trash compactor scene, wherein Han (Peter) convinces Luke (Chris) that a discarded couch floating amid the garbage is worth salvaging.

1. Robot Chicken: Star Wars (2008)

The whole trilogy

With three full-length, stop-motion movies dedicated entirely to (lovingly) spoofing Star Wars, Seth Greens Adult Swim toon is the greatest homage in the galaxy.

Spanning both trilogies (including the Stormtroopers bring your daughter to work day, Jedi George Bush Force-pushing Bill Clintons car into a pond and Admiral Ackbars breakfast cereal ad) the best skit is one of the earliest showing what really happened in the Mos Eisley cantina when Ponda Baba got dragged along to after-work drinks. Innocently trying to tell Luke that he liked his hair, he ends up getting his arm sliced off by Obi-Wan and losing his job as a graphic designer.

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