20 games that will shape the PS3 - Part 2

Antidote to stealth games

The Club

Sick of tiptoeing, crawling, gluing your back to the wall and holding your breath? Then you'll want to join The Club - an underground betting ring where Solid Snake wouldn't even get a foot inside the door.

Billed as a racing game with human targets instead of corners, the emphasis is on speed and style. Shoot a man, and you've got a couple of seconds to shoot the next one before your combo meter ticks dry. Shoot another and another, and the meter ticks faster, forcing you to pick your targets and plan your route. With levels intended to be sprinted through in three minutes or less, advanced shooters will be able to kill every enemy in one extended combo. Sounds impressive.

Resident Evil 5

The good news? While RE 5 's been in hiding, we know for a fact it's up and running in Japan - don't ask. Rumors suggest teaser footage might leak in the next month or so, before an "official" unveiling around July, the new date for the mini-E3 games show. Sprinting zombies? An abandoned South American village? The return of Chris Redfield? We're sure Umbrella is in there somewhere, but for a game of this pedigree, we're willing to wait. Impatiently, as it might be.

Army of Two

The latest teaser for EA's co-op-only shooter shows the lighter side of teamwork - with leg-ups gone awry and rappel ropes dropped - before showing the two working together properly. There's also a teasing glimpse of the cover dynamic - you can rip off car doors to use as shields. The aggressive macho banter might get a bit abrasive if they keep it up all game, mind you. We'll see.