20 games that will shape the PS3 - Part 2

The most creative game

Little Big Planet

Original, colorful, cuter than a baby panda in a sailor suit - if you don't fall in love with Little Big Planet after watching the trailer, your soul's officially a husk.
The premise of LBP is simple - scramble through a succession of environments using realistic physics to clamber across the scenery - but the fun's in the details.

Take your character - you can use the analogs to control his arms, so you can make him wave, dance or even play air guitar. You cooperate with other players to get over tougher obstacles, using your combined body weight to roll larger objects or weigh down seesaws. Once you've mastered the nuances of the control system, you'll be able to use your skills - and any objects you've found on your travels - to create your own levels. Editing's simple, using a toolbar similar to the Cross Media Bar to let you combine objects in all sorts of ways - place an apricot in your level, for instance, and you can stick a pair of eyes and a smile on it.

You'll also be able to design or import stickers you've made with a digital camera, slapping them onto the scenery. Once they're done you can invite other users to your level to explore. LBP's going to live or die on the strength of its community, but since everyone's desperate to play it, that shouldn't be a problem.