20 games that will shape the PS3 - Part 2


The more sensible, down-to-earth alternative to Tony Hawk continues to impress, with the stick-based control system proving just tricky enough to give you a well-earned sense of achievement from a simple kickflip. The inclusion of a video editing mode sounds like classic stuff - let's hope it gets a few subscribers. This could be very good.


Eye of Judgment might be a bit "meh," but the new Eye camera astounds. It's set to be released with six PS Store-style games in September, features a directional mic, and will capture 640x480 TV quality pics - use it to chat with other users across the PlayStation network.

Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots

Obviously, this will be the best game ever. Things have gone a bit quiet, but you can expect another massive info-splurge in early July - though the mystery of Snake's age might stay unresolved until the game finally appears. We'd like to come in totally cold, if we can, to not spoil the surprise.