20 Awesome Wrestlers Turned Actors

Dwayne The Rock Johnson

The Wrestler: California native who’s an impressive 6ft 4 and has won the WWF/E championships an epic 16 times.

Signature Move: The People’s Elbow

Signature Movie: Johnson’s beefed up his fair share of big screen brawlers, most recently as a near-silent assassin in Faster .

But the one what got him on the league table was The Mummy Returns , in which Johnson played the Scorpion King – and suffered through a truly terrible CG makeover for his climactic hybrid transformation. A rock-soundtracked prequel-sequel followed a few years later.

Rowdy Roddy Piper

The Wrestler: Though he never became a world champion, Roddy Piper won 34 other championship titles, and entered the WWE Hall of Fame in 2005. His wrestling entrance music consisted of bagpipes.

Signature Move: The Sleeper Hold

Signature Movie: Piper has a plethora of credits, but his best known and all-time coolest came in 1988, when he starred in John Carpenter’s under-rated They Live.

The cult classic had Piper playing Nada, a drifter who discovers that the Earth is being controlled subliminally by invading aliens. You can only see the aliens’ true visages by using some cool ‘80s sunglasses. Quite simply one of the best wrestler-turned-actor movies ever.

Andr Ren Roussimoff

The Wrestler: Affectionately known as André the Giant, André towered over all of his opponents (and everybody on this list) at a goliath 7ft 4. He suffered from gigantism, and was often dubbed the Eighth Wonder of The World.

Signature Move: Double Underhook Suplex

Signature Movie: André boasts one of the coolest signature movies of them all, having made a memorable appearance in the incomparable The Princess Bride .

He played Fezzik, a massive wrestler from Greenland who helps kidnap the beautiful Buttercup (Robin Wright). Happily, he turns out to be more of a BFG.

John Cena

The Wrestler: Known ringside as Mr P and The Prototype, Cena has a back pocket bulging with credentials, including rapper, actor and, naturally, wrestler.

Signature Move: FU (or the Attitude Adjustment)

Signature Movie: Cena snuck into movieland through the back door thanks to WWE Studios, who financed his first film The Marine . He played a discharged US Marine whose wife is kidnapped by diamond thieves. Kelly Clarkson and Robert Patrick co-starred.

Sadly, The Marine bombed, only making $7m in cinemas. Since then, Cena’s not done much better, with roles in Hanna Montana and Fred: The Movie.

Randy Couture

The Wrestler: Three time heavyweight champion, and proficient in mixed martial arts and Greco-Roman wrestling. He’s titchy at just 6ft 1.

Signature Move: The Double Leg Takedown

Signature Movie: Couture stepped into the film spotlight with Cradle 2 The Grave , Jet Li’s 2003 action film. He played Fighter #8.

Later, Couture followed in The Rock’s footsteps for a role in Scorpion King 2: Rise Of A Warrior (needless to say it got a critical mauling) and most recently The Expendables .

Hulk Hogan

The Wrestler: Perhaps the most famous wrestler of them all, Hogan’s white-blonde mountain of muscle and white-hot cool has made him a firm fixture in popular culture. He frequently dons bandanas and shades. He's just cool like that.

Signature Move: The Running Leg Drop

Signature Movie: Hogan pretty much set the mould for wrestlers-turned-actors, splitting his time between big dum actioners and feather-light comedies.

His signature movie, though, is Mr Nanny , in which Hogan put himself through all kinds of humiliation for the big paycheck – including wearing that pink tutu. The Rock later did something similar with The Tooth Fairy.

Paul Michael Levesque

The Wrestler: Better known as Triple H, Levesque first began wrestling in 1994, then joined the WWF two years later. He’s won 23 championships.

Signature Move: The Pedigree

Signature Movie: Signing onto a Blade movie was a pretty safe bet, considering both Blade and Blade II were more than decent, dark comic adaps.

Sadly for Triple H, threequel Blade: Trinity turned out to be a big loud mess, with series writer David Goyer making his directorial debut and well and truly flubbing the whole thing. Triple H is trying again this year with WWE Studios' The Chaperone – yes, The Tooth Fairy all over again.

'Stone Cold' Steve Austin

The Wrestler: Thrice-married Texas resident who’s boasted 19 championship wins throughout this illustrious wrestling career.

Signature Move: The Stone Cold Stunner

Signature Movie: The Longest Yar d was his cinematic debut, and starred Adam Sandler as a named and shamed ex-professional football quarterback who makes a comeback by forming his own team – which consists of prison inmates.

'Macho Man' Randy Savage

The Wrestler: Real name Randall Mario Poffo, Macho Man was proclaimed the greatest Intercontinental champion of all time by the WWE.

Signature Move: The Flying Elbow Drop

Signature Movie: Back before Marc Webb and Andrew Garfield were big name movie types, Savage helped Tobey Maguire become Spider-Man in 2002.

Savage appeared in the film’s memorable cage fight wrestling scene as fictional fighter Bonesaw McGraw – and ends up losing to the fledgling Spidey. Wuss.

Ric Flair

The Wrestler: Flair’s wrestling career spanned a very impressive 36 years. During his ring time he was well-respected as an unpredictable and deliriously entertaining talent.

Signature Move: Knife Chop

Signature Movie: Flair’s stuck to what he knows, meaning his acting repertoire is limited solely to the Command & Conquer Video-Game franchise thus far. Which is damn near a movie. We’re sure he’ll graduate to full-blown features any day now - we just hope he's not taking any advice from Hogan.