Here's why Danny DeVito should voice Detective Pikachu

Update: Some talented video editor out there has decided to further the cause by giving us an idea of what DeVito as Detective Pikachu would feel like. Check out our hat-wearing poke-friend with some lines from DeVito dubbed in:

Original story: It's been quite the week for Pikachu fans as info spilled on the Japanese release of Detective Pikachu. Whether the adventures of the gruff-voiced Pokemon will be getting a western release is currently anyone's guess. Donning a Sherlock hat and looking at the clues currently available yields an questionable result but that hasn't stopped 15,000 people petitioning Nintendo for Danny DeVito to voice the crime solving electric mouse in a localised version. Y'know, this guy. Handily, this might be how he would look if he got the call.

"There are a number of us that feel as though Danny DeVito would be a prime fit for the voice acting role of the Detective Pikachu. We want to make this happen," says the petition. Well it's a nice change from telling Nintendo not to make Metroid games in a certain way.

More info has dropped on the game's official website. It's out on February 3rd and set in a town where people and Pokemon co-exist. There are a slew of screens of Litwick, Ludicolo and Scraggy all happily getting on with their day to day business. More importantly though. Pikachu loves caffeine - he probably drinks it black - and spends time frequenting a cafe. Just check out the below from the official site. 'Coffee is love'. He is a small fuzzy mouse after my own heart. Fingers crossed for a western release.

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