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$150 Wii, $20 Nintendo Selects lineup confirmed

Just yesterday wereportedon unofficial word that Nintendo was dropping the Wii to $149.99, as well as changing the pack-in game from Wii Sports to Mario Kart Wii. Today, Nintendo confirmed this news and also revealed the nifty red packaging for its $19.99 line of"Nintendo Selects"titles (seen below).

Above: I could be wrong, but is this the first price drop Twilight Princess has seen in 5 years?

Two interesting things here: first, as Wii Sports is no longer the pack-in game, it's now available as a standalone retail product for the first time in the US; second, Nintendo is apparently dropping the "Players Choice" brand it's used to denote best-selling games since the SNES and Game Boydays. Wonder what prompted the switch to Nintendo Selects?

No more!

These price drops take effect May 15. Oh, one last thing - if you're a hopeless Nintendo completionist, I hate to mention the fact the black Wii will now come with an official black Wii Wheel. Maybe wait for one to show up in a pawn shop before slapping down another $150?

Of course, all this happens less than a month before Nintendo announces itsnew consoleat E3, so this is most definitely a case of inventory cleaning. Any of you Wii holdouts more interested in this machine now that it's $150? Or do you prefer to sit tight and see what Nintendo's got in store for 2012?

May 4, 2011