12 DC November 2020 covers you probably missed including teen Bruce Wayne

(Image credit: DC)

DC releases two versions of their monthly solicitations catalog every month. First comes the online release of their solicitations, and then a few weeks later in the month comes the publishers releases the print and digital versions of DC Connect, their own in-house produced catalog. 

DC Connect is mostly just the online solicits with print magazine production value, but the publication does include additional features like interviews with creators of upcoming projects and additional teasers not released to the press with the online version. 

That's where DC's latest Endless Winter teasers and new information from John Ridley's The Other History of the DC Universe originated. 

Another DC Connect feature is previews of covers and variant covers DC doesn't include in the release of the online solicitations. Here's a look at 12 covers from DC's November 2020 solicitations that weren't included in the online release but are previewed in DC Connect. 

Of course, some November titles will have even more variant covers not seen in either wave of solicitations releases, and Newsarama will bring you those when they become available. 

First up is three covers from November's Batman titles - a card stock variant from Batman #102 by Francesco Mattina featuring the new rival Gotham City hero to Batman, Ghost-Maker.

A card stock variant to Batman #103 also by Mattina features Ghost-Maker, Batman, and Harley Quinn, and a 1:25 card stock variant cover by Jorge Jimenez features a teenage Bruce Wayne, who according to the solicitation copy factors into the story because Bruce and Ghost-Maker knew each other as teens. 

Variant covers by Tony S. Daniel and Danny Miki to Justice League #56 and Philip Tan to Justice League #57, respectively, show off the Dark Knights: Death Metal versions the Teen Titans, a reunion which writer Joshua Williamson has been talking up to Newsarama regarding his Death Metal tie-in story arc 'Doom Metal.'

And speaking of Death Metal, there's also a The Multiverse Who Laughs #1 1:25 card stock variant by Simone Bianchi.

Other additional covers include:

  • Wonder Woman #766's main cover by David Marquez. 
  • Green Lantern: Season Two #9's main cover by Liam Sharp.
  • The Batman's Grave #12 main cover by Bryan Hitch.
  • Batman: The Adventures Continue #6 variant cover by Kaare Andrews.
  • The Flash #765 and #766 variant covers by Inhyuk Lee.

You can check out ALL of DC’s November 2020 solicitations including the new covers right here. 

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