Batman and Wonder Woman suit up for cold weather in Endless Winter

(Image credit: DC)

Batman and Wonder Woman are the stars of new teasers for DC's upcoming December 2020-debuting event 'Endless Winter.'

(Image credit: DC)

These two full-page teasers appear in this week's DC Connect #4 - DC's monthly catalog for retailers to order upcoming - in this case, November 2020's - releases.

The appearance of Batman and Wonder Woman seem to corroborate what Newsarama reported previously - Endless Winter is a Justice League centric event. 

But also pay special attention as they're not the only characters featured in the art. Look closely at the 'frozen' background and you'll see several monstrous figures hidden in there.

Add to that the two quotes:

"You can't bury the past forever."


"We thought he was dead, but he's back."

So whose "past" is being referred to, and who was "thought.... dead" but is back?

(Image credit: DC)

Following up on our previous speculation when we first broke news of the 'Endless Winter' event, it would fit with the pre-'The New 52' continuity of the C-list DC villain Endless Winter (who in the past has lost control of her cold- and ice-producing metahuman powers) and her more prominent ally Prometheus.

Endless Winter was last seen in 2010's Justice League: Cry for Justice #5, inadvertently dying due to Prometheus' machinations against the Justice League. Prometheus himself was killed two issues later. After her death, her body was taken and stored in the Justice League Watchtower... and never followed up on in the past 10 years.

Prometheus has appeared since this apparent death, most recently in 2017's 'Surgical Strike' arc of Justice League of America

Could Prometheus and Endless Winter be the antagonists of DC's December 'Endless Winter'? Tell us what you think in the comments and on social media.

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[Editor's note: An earlier version of this story incorrectly listed the last appearance of Prometheus.]

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