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101 Skyrim Tweets

Since Skyrim's release it has invaded our status updates, text messages, water cooler conversations and, of course, Twitter feeds. From undying love of the game to complaints about losing loved ones to Skyrim's arms we've compiled 101 of the best 140-character messages about #nirnworldproblems.


What is this Skyrim that's consuming everyone's time?!
@NisaD_ (opens in new tab)

Hi I'm Guy Fieri. What, everyone's talking about Skyrim? Sure, I'll eat Skyrim. What is that? I don't even care, I'll eat it.
@nedroid (opens in new tab)

"Last Tuesday, Modern Warfare 3 was released, and on Friday, the latest Skyrim came out." - NPR
@jasonschreier (opens in new tab)

Above: "It must be some kind of basketball game..." @Drew_Ulmer
@TYLERTRON_3000 (opens in new tab)

My manager tonight keeps talking about Skyrim. I don't know what it is, but apparently he's slayed 2 dragons.
@tianakj (opens in new tab)

We get it about the name, guys

@HallowedCrow (opens in new tab)

Thinking about getting a #Skyrim... Is it like, a sexual favor?
@DIRTYDLUX (opens in new tab)

Skyrim: videogame or in-flight ass-to-mouth?
@collynmccoy (opens in new tab)

Turns out #skyrim is a computer game, not special time when me and David flew to the UN last summer #milehighclub
@DeputyPM (opens in new tab)

I don't know what a "Skyrim" is, but it sounds filthy and I wish people would stop asking me to try it. I don't even own an airplane.
@timmyisanerd (opens in new tab)

Hubs says I've used up my quota on Skyrim-job jokes. :(
@Rubick (opens in new tab)

So what's the game like?

Skyrim: the world's first cabbage collecting simulator
@lowtax (opens in new tab)

@chrisremo (opens in new tab)

Skyrim is like getting on a corgi sled made of bacon and waffles with nyancat as your copilot.
@dantack (opens in new tab)

#skyrim is like a grown up version of sims or something.
@yupitsjillian (opens in new tab)

renting a hotel room is like being in Skyrim: enter room, steal shampoo, steal soap, steal mouthwash, search dresser, steal bible
@lowtax (opens in new tab)


Of his own accord my horse just galloped into a tower, climbed a winding staircase, crossed a bridge, and killed three bandits.

After every battle I enjoy the emergent minigame of "where's my horse?"

I found a talking dog in Skyrim. And it has the goofiest voice possible.
GamesRadar's own @MatthewGKeast (opens in new tab)

Out of me, a Giant, and many imperial troops from a nearby fort, the Dragon attacks a poor mudcrab that happened to be wandering by.

While in the middle of battling bandits I was forced into a conversation with a wandering NPC and got killed. WTH.
@demonicmurry (opens in new tab)

Above: Me, walking up to a shrine: "Sup! got the stone!" Steward, draws sword at the air: "Is someone there?" me: "da fuq?" Dragon: "OHAI."
@KMcNightingale (opens in new tab)

I think Skyrim is being occupied. Bandits make up 99% of the population.
@ZenMonken (opens in new tab)

Spreading the word of Mara in Riften by killing anyone who doesnt believe!
@corticalscrub (opens in new tab)

I forgot how much I loved destroying evil abominations.
@CuddlyDraugr (opens in new tab)

Im a fucking werewolf....OMFG SO PUMPED GAAAHHH!!!!
@mattilasucks (opens in new tab)

Welcome to Skyrim! Mind the accents, so bad they make the Swedish Chef sound like Meryl Streep.
@ferretthimself (opens in new tab)

Played a quick game of Skyrim last night. Discovered there's no such thing as a quick game of Skyrim.
@wrongwaygoback (opens in new tab)

I can tell by the tone in Lydia's voice when I ask her about equipment that she knows "housecarl" is just a nicer word for "mule".
@mightyrobot (opens in new tab)

Have just accidentally fallen off a cliff while trying to catch a butterfly. Possibly the most effete death in videogame history.
@LordScumland (opens in new tab)

Could the NPC's in Skyrim stop giving me quests for five minutes?!
@notmattschwartz (opens in new tab)

I killed a giant in Skyrim and its mammoth buddy started wailing in remorse. Reloaded and left him alone. That was unexpectedly harrowing.
@tinysubversions (opens in new tab)

Bear, this is a judgment free zone but you have to tell me the truth: this isn't your garnet ring, is it? You stole it, didn't you?
@acarboni (opens in new tab)

ice wraith, you're going to be my bitch.
@GreatGapingVag (opens in new tab)

Photoshop is my friend!