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101 Skyrim Tweets


Single-player games are dead! Oh, what's that Skyrim, you sold at least 3.5 million copies in two days? In your FACE, games industry!

You know, really, the biggest threat to the comics industry right now is Skyrim. Not for losing readers, but creators. #gottalevelup

Wait a sec... Community put on hold JUST as Skyrim comes out? WE ARE ON TO YOU, @DanHarmon

Can someone do a #Skyrim mod that offends PETA pls?

Above: Gave my Skyrim character the same name as my Dark Souls character; Skyrim is his waking world, Dark Souls is his nightmares. Reconciled!

Anyone know where I can find a preferably dwarven or elven warhammer in Skyrim? I need to put a shock enchantment on it and call it Mjolnir

Is it just me or does everyone in Skyrim completely overshare? #TMI

What, you think this is Ultima? RT @danbruno: If I ever learn how to mod, I'm adding garlic bread to Skyrim. And maybe cheese garlic bread.

Forever alone

Downloading Skyrim now... "Dear girl-I've-been-dating, Sorry, but it looks like my schedule just filled up for the next 6-8 weeks."

I spent more time customizing my Skyrim character than I have ever spent getting ready to go out/looking nice. Priorities!

Oh Skyrim, when will you give him back? @Bridget_BD

OTP: me and Skyrim


But buying Skyrim means having to get up and drive somewhere. Fuckin shit.

Bouta make a twitter for my #Skyrim character. Would you guys follow?

Nice knowing you

Above: No, Skyrim. That's a bad Skyrim. Stop giving me puppy-dog computer-game eyes and let me be go out and be social.

Officially throwing in the towel with NaNoWriMo this year. Buying a PS3 and spending the rest of the year playing Skyrim and chasing tail.

Oh, Skyrim. I was up until 5 with you last night. This is the opposite of what we talked about #nirnworldproblems

Got to be in a suit in 3 hours for my sisters graduation. However one does not simply "quit" playing Skyrim!

Dear Raptr and Steam. I don't need you BOTH to remind me first thing this morning that I played 30 hours of Skyrim since 10am sat morning...

I forgot what it feels like for your eyes to hurt after playing video games for a few hours straight… well, until Skyrim made me remember…

I'm still playing Skyrim, but I put on pants to go to dinner. Will probably remove them soon.

Turned on Skyrim a few hours ago. Serious question guys, how do you ever stop playing this and get back to your real life?

What day is it?

Hello Skyrim bye real world

Some of my friends could be dead in a ditch, but I just assume that they haven't left the house since Friday because they're playing Skyrim.

I have just devoured an entire carton (one pint) of ice cream in under fifteen minutes. While Skyrim-ing. How.

*emerges from bushes* oh hai. Skyrim Skyrim Skyrim Skyrim. 62 hours in, I am deprived of sleep, I may collapse at any moment. Whoops.

i dont need a social life anymore because of skyrim.

The 32 Sleepless hours is due to skyrim! :)

Really need to poop, don't want to stop playing Skyrim. #holdit

only played skyrim for 12 hours today, -_-

If you can’t say anything nice...

That's right im so hipster im not even playing skyrim =P

What's so good about Skyrim?

I just finished Skyrim. Took me like 5 min. So easy, guys. 7/10 tops.

Regardless of whether it's fun, Skyrim is a technical marvel. Like, how'd they manage to cram hundreds of hours of boring dialogue on a DVD?

If you guys wanna get me back for hating on Skyrim, keep in mind I'm strongly considering buying Sonic Generations tonight.

just finished Arkham City's main story. what do I want to play next? don't say Skyrim.

Skyrim actually looks so boring. Maybe it's different to play but watching just looks boring imo.

Skyrim... Not impressed.

As people progress further into the game we imagine that the tweets will just get better and better. Have you seen any noteworthy ones about Skyrim?

Photoshop is my friend!