10,000 Gamerpoints in 30 days

Fight Night Round 3
Points: 1000
Time spent: Eight hours

Win all the tournaments in this game and the Achievements are yours. Don’t worry about getting a certain number of wins in a row, or getting to the top of the rankings – this is all about being a successful virtual boxer. Each Achievement corresponds to a specific fight, so what you need to know is how to win.

To help you out, we’ve prepared aquick guide to the basics of boxing Fight Night style, and this should come in handy when you’re actually in the ring. Aside from the fighting, you need to make sure that your boxer stays in shape and wears the best gear to give him an advantage. When you’ve built up your bank balance, check in at the shop to make sure your boxer is wearing the bestgear – because all the clothes will add bonuses to certain attributes. Training is important too. Make sure you keep your boxer balanced because, eventually, you’ll come up against an opponent who can take advantage of any weakness.