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10,000 Gamerpoints in 30 days

Points: 1000
Time spent: Two hours

This is the easiest 1000 Gamer Points you will ever earn. All the Achievements can be picked up in a single game if you play it well enough, although, if you follow our instructions, even the worst ballers will clean up in a handful of matches.

First off, head to the Rosters menu and then to the Create a Character screen. From here you need to make a full basketball team. That means one PG (Point Guard), one SG (Shooting Guard), one SF (Small Forward), one C (Centre), and one PF (Power Forward). Make them all tall, and importantly, give each one a recognizable/stupid name. If it helps, name them after friends or work colleagues. Why? Because once you’re on the court, you’ll need to identify each player’s pecialty. When you get to the stats screen, here are the skills you should bump up for each character:

Point Guard: Max out his three-point shooting, lay-ups, distribution, stealing, offensive awareness, ball handling, speed and stamina.

Shooting Guard: Make him balanced, but max out his mid-range shooting, speed and stamina.

Power Forward: Max out his dunks, short and mid-range shooting, lay-ups, speed, offensive and defensive awareness, power, speed and stamina.

Small Forward: Another balanced one. Max out his mid-range shooting, dunking, lay-ups, speed and stamina. It might be an idea to bump up his Free-throws too.

Centre: Max out rebounding disciplines, blocking, dunks, lay-ups, defensive awareness, speed, power and stamina.