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10,000 Gamerpoints in 30 days

Need For Speed Most Wanted
Points: 1000
Time spent: 15 hours

It’ll take you a while to drag all the points out of Most Wanted, and after the first five or so hours, you probably won’t have hit the 100 point mark. Don’t panic though, the points come thick and fast at the end, so once you reach the top of the Black List, you’ll be well rewarded. We treated this game as an ongoing project. While we went about finishing the others, we kept dipping in and out of Most Wanted, taking down one Black List personality at a time – and we reckon this is easier than attempting it in one or two sittings.

The real trick isn’t the actual Black List races. Although they’re reasonably difficult, they don’t take too long to beat. It’s getting there that’ll eat up most of your time, so we’ve prepared a few hints and tips on how to maximize your time. Check out the FAQ we prepared on Most Wanted’scheats page.