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10,000 Gamerpoints in 30 days

Amped 3
Points: 790
Time Spent: Four hours

We wish we could tell you that there’s some mystical secret that’ll turn you into an Amped god overnight, but that just isn’t the case. Beating this game is all about keeping your fingers busy, and not about learning one killer trick or combo. Run through the story mode, which will only take around three hours or so, and you’ll snag a fair haul of points.

There are a handful of Achievements you won’t get from playing through the story missions. You’ll get the Sledding and Ski Mobile Merit badges (30 points each) during the course of the game, but the Park Builder badge is something you’ll have to cheat a little to get. Once you’ve finished the game, access the map screen and go to Park Builder. Lay down as many of the cheapest objects you can find (we went for the bin), until you’ve run out of build tokens. Then simply hit “Clear All,” and you’ll get all your Build Tokens back. Repeat this process until the Achievement unlocks.

For our full Achievements FAQ, head over to the Amped 3cheats page.