10 more pro strategies for Super Street Fighter IV

There are many, many small ways you can make yourself more deadly at Super Street Fighter IV without having to play for hours and hours to learn the perfect timing of every move and combo. We have some character-specific tactics below, but to make sure everyone's on the same page, we should esplain a couple of terms we'll be using...

One way to keep your opponent guessing is by using a cross-up. Cross-ups are jumping attacks that strike an opponent from behind as you jump over them, forcing them to block from the opposite direction they were anticipating. Typically you use them after knocking an opponent down, so as to take them by surprise as they’re standing up. Guy’s Jumping MK or Zangief’s Body Splash are good examples.

Another valuable term to know is resetting. What does resetting mean? Some moves ‘reset’ opponents’ states. This is important because combos have damage scaling on them: the longer a combo, the less damage the last few hits will do. Resetting the opponent means that the damage stops getting scaled so your combos hurt your opponent even more. Every character has different ways for creating resets, so try to learn them all.

Below is a key to other common terms used in each entry:

LP – Light punch
MP – Medium punch
HP – Hard punch
LK - Light kick
MK – Medium kick
HK – Hard kick
3K – All three kicks simultaneously
3P – All Three punches simultaneously
QCF – Quarter circle forward (down, down-forward, forward)
HCF – Half circle forward (back, down-back, down, down-forward, forward)
All moves assume your character is facing right (Player one).