20 creepiest horror movie kids

Suffer the little children

Children are terrifying things at the best of times. They eat things theyre not supposed to, they scream for no apparent reason, and they cant be reasoned with. So they make perfect horror movie villains

Youd think itd be easier to escape a creepy child than a full-grown serial killer, but thats how they fool you. The children on this list would jump at any chance to shuffle you off this mortal coil, and theyd smile while they did it. Here come 20 reasons to reconsider ever having kids

Dougie Whooly

The film: Satans Little Helper (2004).

The child: Dougie Whooly (Alexander Brickel) is a keen gamer who takes his passion for playing Satans little helper too far when a serial killer dressed as, well, Satan, shows up at Halloween. Overly helpful Dougie even brings Satan home to meet his family

Blame the parents? Possibly limiting Dougies access to age-inappropriate games mightve prevented all this from happening?

Ralphie Glick

The film: Salems Lot (1979).

The child: Poor Ralphie (Ronnie Schribner) falls victim to a vampire attack and returns as one of the living dead, determined to bring his brother over to the dark side with him. There are tons of creepy kids in Stephen King adaptations, but the sight of Ralphies vampiric face at the window is blood-chilling.

Blame the parents? Nope. Blame the vampires.

Karen Hardman

The film: Night Of The Living Dead (1968).

The child: When the dead rise, Karen (Kyra Schon) and her parents were in their car and when the zombies attacked, they sought refuge in the cellar of a nearby farmhouse. Unfortunately, Karen got bitten in the attack, which means her parents safe haven turns out not to be as safe as they thought.

Blame the parents? Well, if her parents had listened to reason, they wouldnt have ended up trapped in a basement with a zombified child, but really once she was bitten, it was game over.

Grace Matheson

The film: Grace (2009).

The child: A car crash killed her father and nearly took her mother, too, but somehow Grace survived Or did she? A blood-sucking baby that awakens a strong maternal instinct in everyone around her, Grace is a seriously unsettling child.

Blame the parents? Blame seems a bit harsh, all things considered.

The Grady girls

The film: The Shining (1980).

The children: The daughters of a previous caretaker of the Overlook hotel, the Grady girls (Lisa and Louise Burns) arent exactly evil. Theyre just lonely, and in search of a new playmate. One they can play with forever and ever and ever

Blame the parents? Yup, if their father (Philip Stone) hadnt murdered them with an axe, thered be no problem.

Emily Williams

The film: The Cursed Medallion (1975).

The child: Emily (Nicoletta Elmi) is the daughter of a documentary maker whos working on a new project about depictions of devils in art. When he takes her along on a recce to an abandoned Italian church, she puts on a necklace that belonged to a murderer, and, well, you can probably guess that it doesnt have a happy ending.

Blame the parents? Absolutely. Giving your daughter cursed jewellery is never a good plan.

David Zellaby and the other Midwich cuckoos

The film: Village Of The Damned (1960).

The children: A generation of terrifying children who were all conceived under mysterious circumstances, David (Martin Stephens) and his fellow glowing-eyed creeps have psychic powers and wont be told what to do by any adults. Even if they are technically only three-year-olds.

Blame the parents? Nope. Something weird happened to the village of Midwich, and its impossible to know whos really to blame.

Isaac Chroner

The film: Children Of The Corn (1984).

The child: Another creepy kid plucked from Stephen Kings oeuvre, Isaac (John Franklin) is a creepily precocious child preacher whos taken it upon himself to spread the gospel of He Who Walks Behind The Rows. First order of business? Kill all the adults in town, and slaughter any outsiders who stumble across their cult.

Blame the parents? Well, theyre all dead now anyway.

The entire child population of Almanzora

The film: Who Can Kill A Child? (1976).

The children: In response to the various atrocities children have suffered at the hands of adults around the world, the kids on one Spanish island decide to get revenge by killing adults and eventually plan to recruit all the children in the world to their cause. Hard to pick out a particularly creepy one, then theyre all terrifying if youre over 18.

Blame the parents? Nope, this time its adults as a whole who get to take the blame for these kiddies violent tendencies.