Yoshi's New Island gets named in new trailer

The baddie-slurping, egg-tossing platformer returns

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OK, so Yoshi's Island was Super Mario World 2, and Yoshi's Story was basically Yoshi's Island 2. So it stands to reason that the 3DS sequel would be... Yoshi's New Island. Sure. Whatever, Nintendo.

While we try to straighten out our flowcharts, check out this new E3 trailer of the newly christened egg-chucking platformer in action.

Yoshi's tremendous egg has terrifying destructive power, but the poor dino's got to be sore after laying it. And how will Baby Mario express his gratitude years later? By letting the poor thing run off a cliff.

Nintendo has yet to reveal a release date for Yoshi's New Island, but stay tuned to GamesRadar for more coverage throughout E3.


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