XCOM shooter has “evolved” - new reveal incoming

2K Games will reveal an “evolved” version of its XCOM shooter “in the coming days”. In a blog post, the company confirmed that the heavily delayed game “has undergone an evolution” since its last public showing at E3 2011.

Labelling it as a "squad-based tactical shooter", the post added: “The creative development of this game has been a collaborative process of discovery and iteration. 2K’s culture allows our studios the freedom to refine their visions, to explore new ideas, and to deliver the best possible experiences for players. Through this exploration, 2K Marin has refined their vision, and as a result the game has evolved into a high-stakes narrative experience imbued with core XCOM concepts.”

Earlier this month, 2K Games pulled official online content for the game, which was announced back in 2010 and has been revamped at least once in its developer transition from 2K Australia to 2K Marin. After months of rumours and speculation, which has been met by silence from the game’s publisher, 2K finally intends “share more details in only a matter of days”.

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  • Tulkastaldo - April 24, 2013 9:57 a.m.

    I was wondering what had happened to this, it appeared to involve killer lovecraftian monoliths rather than traditional grey aliens. As original as it seemed to be, I'm glad Enemy Unknown beat it to the market to remind everybody of the beauty that is X-com.

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