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XCOM shooter promotional content redacted

2K Games has pulled down its official content for the long-delayed XCOM shooter, and is refusing comment about the absence.

All videos of the Cold War-era reboot were stricken from 2K Games' YouTube channel, and the promotional site which used to harbor information for both the shooter and XCOM: Enemy Unknown now redirects solely to the latter, as first reported by Digital Trends--you can still see the videos and other content on GamesRadar and elsewhere, of course.

XCOM was revealed in 2010. Since then it has suffered delay after delay. It has been revamped at least once in its developer transition from 2K Australia to 2K Marin, and may even be more of a a tactical third-person shooter at this point.

That is, if 2K Games hasn't just shelved the project by now.

But a March report by Kotaku indicates it may be in for a rebranding, to distance the troubled shooter from its beloved strategy cousin. Take-Two Interactive domain registrations for,, and are likely intended for ex-XCOM, which we already know takes place in 1962 and stars government agents.

A cover-up operation does seem appropriate, given the source material.

Connor Sheridan
Connor Sheridan

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