WWE SmackDown! vs Clinton vs Obama

Because the Democrats have taken so long to nominate their bid for the presidency (of the United States), THQ and the WWE have taken it upon themselves to settle the battle once and for all. Tonight on USA’s Monday Night RAW, it has been hinted that Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama will meet... in a wrestling ring. To demonstrate what the two might look like, THQ has rendered wrestling entrances for both political figures using last year’s WWE SmackDown! vs Raw 2008. We posted the video below for fans of wrestling and C-SPAN.

Oh yes, no more political debates and no more finger-pointing - tonight will be a good ol’ fashioned donnybrook. And because it’s the WWE, we suspect midgets will dress up like the Senators and the match will end when John McCain gets involved with a barbed wire baseball bat and Filibuster’s their faces. But hey that’s politics.

Apr 21, 2008


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