WWE 13 attitude era unlockables guide

Alternate costumes, WHAT? Classic rings and arenas, WHAT? Old school title belts, WHAT?

Rise of D-X

Reward: Badd Blood ’97 Arena

Shawn Michaels vs. Undertaker

Main Objective:
Win the match.

Historical Bonus Objective:
Get Undertaker’s damage to “critical” while in-ring.

Rewards: Mr. McMahon with Suit, Bonus Match #2

Shawn Michales vs. Bret Hart

Main Objective:
Win by pinfall or submission.

Historical Bonus Objective:
Perform the Sharpshooter (signature move) on Bret Hart in the ring.

Rewards: Survivor Series ’97 Arena, Kane ’97-’99 Debut Lighting

Kane vs. Mankind

Main Objective:

Historical Bonus Objectives:
Hit Mankind with the steel steps.
Put Mankind through the announcer table.
Land a Tombstone Piledriver.
Win by pinfall.

Reward: Bonus Match #3

Road Dogg and Billy Gunn vs. the Road Warriors

Main Objective:
Win the match.

Historical Bonus Objectives:
When Hawk is the legal tag partner, get his damage to “moderate.”
Succeed at the WWE Attitude moment. [HIDDEN]
Strike Hawk with the Tag Team title before the ref wakes up. [HIDDEN]
Win by pinfall with Billy Gun pinning Animal.

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