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Exclusive: Joss Whedon chats Wonder Woman and Goners

Everyone is anticipating Joss Whedon’s next film. But while the high-profile Warner Bros comic book adaptation Wonder Woman is the project that everyone has been bubbling about, his recently-announced Goners is seemingly being developed at exactly the same time. And, according to Joss, Goners might actually go before the cameras first.

So how does Wonder producer Joel Silver feel about this? “Joel and I sat down right away and said, ‘it doesn’t have a date, and it doesn’t have a star. This is only about getting this right,’” chuckles Whedon exclusively to Total Film when we question whether this newly relaxed-sounding producer is the real deal. “Yes, Joel Silver. I do mean that one. I was sucked into his Joel Silver vortex. He actually has a vortex, which not many people can afford, particularly that close to the ocean…

But what of this idea that Goners might go first? “Universal’s Mary Parent has it. She’s been setting up and working on it knowing that I was finishing my draft of Wonder Woman. But she and I are going to sit down soon and thrash out the work that needs to be done on that, and it really is going to be a case of, ‘which draft is in better shape? Who is ready to pull the switch?’ and then I’ll do whichever. Goners has been very close to my heart for years. Wonder Woman is something I’m in love with as well. I can’t lose!”

And in case you were wondering, it’s definitely the plural title and not “Goner”. It was a cause of frustration to Whedon upon its announcement: “When they reported it in Variety, you know the old saying, ‘as long as they spell the name right?’ They didn’t. They reported it as Goner. Goners, I think is a much sexier title.” Agreed…

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