Will Arnett is KITT!

Yeah, this is a TV story. But it’s also a Knight Rider story and that makes it more than important. It makes it imperative. 

We’re a little conflicted over the news that Will Arnett is taking over the snarky vocal duties of KITT (formerly the Knight Industries Two Thousand, now the Three Thousand because it sounds more futuristic) in the new Knight Rider TV movie that aims to launch a freshly remade series of the man-and-his-talking-bulletproof-car-stop-bad-guys show that was such a Hoff-flavoured guilty pleasure in the ‘80s. Because while the man who was Gob Bluth certainly has comedy chops and a top voice, it’s hard not to feel sorry for William Daniels, the man who first brought KITT to smart-mouthed life in the original episodes.

Fortunately for fans of the series (we know you’re out there), the Hoff is not so easily brushed aside: yes, David Hasselhoff will have a cameo as Michael Knight. The new TV movie will focus on the daughter (Deanna Russo) of KITT’s creator (Bruce Davison) who is pressed into action when their lives are put in danger. She engages Mike Tracer (Justin Bruening) to help out and also has a little assistance from a certain gabby car…

Whether it ends up half as cool as the original is anyone’s guess, but the NBC network showed off the new car(s) that will be playing the role (Ford Mustang Shelby GT500KRs, if you really care) and revealed that the new vehicle can alter its shape and colour as well as sprouting weapons systems. Boys and their toys...


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