Wii before November?

It's common practice to release a shiny new gaming console as close to December as possible, but Wii could possibly be coming as soon as September if industry talk is to be believed. An article on  says an analyst's notes suggest Wii hardware is most likely already in production and could arrive well before the PlayStation 3's November 17 release date.

If this is true, the drought of product that plagued the Xbox 360 last season (and could affect the PS3 this year) might be avoided entirely. The CNN article also says other industry insiders are expecting a Wii launch in the September-October area.

The other side of this story comes from the latest issue of Sports Illustrated for Kids, which claims Wii is coming on November 6. The source is reliable (for sports stuff, anyway), and the date is specific, but the official word is still unknown. We contacted Nintendo for comment but did not receive a response in time for publication. Seeing as the SI date is presented not as rumor or speculation, but as fact, we're eager to hear the official explanation that we've got to think is coming.

July 5, 2006


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