Which console will win Fall 2010?

At the beginning of this year, we put our heads together to predict which console would “win” 2010. Not in terms of sales, necessarily, but in terms of who was going to make the strongest showing, and whose machine we were going to want to play the most. Back then, the impending double threat of Kinect (then called Natal) and Halo: Reach prompted us to give it to the 360.

Above: Even so, the fight still rages

Now, however, E3’s over, summer’s in full swing and most publishers have seemingly shot their wads early by delivering some of the year’s best games in its first half. At this point, the competition to win fall 2010 – during which the industry rolls out its biggest guns in preparation for the all-important holiday season – is anyone’s game. Will beloved exclusives or killer hardware win us over this year? Are Microsoft and Sony’s motion-control pushes going to inspire more than another lame fad?

With a much better idea of where the industry is headed (and a healthy margin of error), here’s where we think things are headed for each system over the next few months: