Warhawk developer hints at beta, demo

It appears that if Incognito has its way, there'll be an opportunity to play its PS3 game Warhawk before full release via an open beta and a demo.

Dropping hints in this regard in a recent interview with Game Informer, the developer's Dylan Jobe teased, "What I can say is this: We are firm believers in demos and betas and stuff like that. We believe that we want to get feedback from our players and we want to give them the opportunity for them to play the game, because we're really excited about how word of mouth can really help our title.

"I can't say anything now, but definitely keep your eye out." We will. Both, in fact.
Warhawk, with its multiplayer-only focus and vehicular and ground-troop combat, has been described as more arcade-orientated version of Battlefield - which it turns out isn't something Incognito is throwing its toys out the stroller over.

Jobe explained, "Actually, a fast-paced Battlefield is really what we wanted. There are a lot of little nuances and convenient things that are new to Warhawk, and we're very proud of. With the heart of Warhawk, we didn't want it to be so radically new that it was going to be this art piece game. We really went into it wanting to have a game that was a mass-market, fast, wargame.

"If people are saying, 'Well, it's a fast version of Battlefield,' so long as they're having fun, I'm happy with that," he added.

May 2, 2007


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