Virtua Fighter 5 kicks your ass

Everything looks better in the HD-era, especially the look on your friend’s face as you deliver a crushing roundhouse blow to his jaw. Well, that’s what it’ll be like when Virtua Fighter 5 launches for the PlayStation 3 in February, which is next month for the calendar-impaired (Xbox 360 fans have to wait until late Summer). Meanwhile, Sega has unleashed brand new footage and screens of Sega’s arcade ass-kicker.

The new images show off the tutorial section of the game, enabling you to get a leg up on the competition with newbies El Blaze, the Mexican luchador and Eileen, the Monkey Kung-fu master.

Above: These shots are from the PS3 version only. Check back for more info on the 360 version

Make sure to hit the Movies tab, launch the Video Player and select “Virtua Fighter 5 - Lion vs. Jacky 01-05-06” for footage of Lion and Jacky going at it in a jungle-themed stage with a gorgeous, gigantic waterfall in the background. While you’re at it, hit the Images tab for more action and check back in the coming weeks for a review. February 20th can’t come soon enough.

January 5, 2007


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