Viking: Battle for Asgard

Dec 6, 2007

A longboat packed full of hairy, sweaty Vikings gagging for a spot of raping and pillaging might not have been a pretty sight back in the day, but believe us when we tell you Battle for Asgard is more welcome than a refreshing mug of mead and more gorgeous than a busty beer wench.

For instance, utilising a novel lighting system, Viking’s islands resemble a dreamy landscape of fantasy. Rolling hills, verdant valleys, sprawling settlements, snowy peaks - it reminds us of Fable with its chunky, oversized warriors and fairy tale trappings, while the impressive amount of troops the engine can render at once puts even Dead Rising’s zombie fest to shame.

Much like their gripping Leipzig presentation a few months back, developer Creative Assembly’s recent demo concentrated on how man-mountain hero Skarin set about raising a rebel army, before treating us to an epic finale out on the battlefield. First up: a mini-quest to liberate... erm, a quarry. Scouting around soon revealed a cage-full of captured Viking pals who - after we beheaded a couple of grunt guards - flocked to join our jolly cause.


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