Viking: Battle for Asgard

Jan 11, 2008

On paper, Viking: Battle for Asgard sounds a lot like Dynasty Warriors, although this game is based on Norse mythology rather than actual events. The days of Ragnarok (the end of the world) have arrived and the demonic goddess Hel has unleashed an undead army on your heroic Viking people.

You take on the mantle of mankind’s last hope, Skarin, and do battle for the Viking’s homeland of Midgard. Of course, Vikings were best known for going berserk on the battlefield, overcome with bloodlust and becoming practically invincible. You’ll also be able to tame dragons and harness their incredible strength and fire-breathing abilities against your foes.

It’s an open world game, so you’ll be able to explore the whole of Midgard and everything you do has a knock-on effect in your overall quest. Rescue a captured kinsman and they’ll rally their tribes to join your army. On the other hand, you could assassinate one of Hel’s generals to diminish her forces.

Midgard looks beautifully realised, with a combination of fantastical locations and palaces with realistic looking scenery and lifelike characters. The game is also notable for the scale and immense detail in its battles. We expect to see hundreds of warriors clashing on screen at once. Just don't go berserk while you're playing it.

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