Under the Radar - Day Three

Finally, we reach the unknown games that will remain unknown forever. Either the finances or the interest dried up and these once promising titles were abandoned. Welcome to the cancellation graveyard.

Killing Day
From: Ubisoft

Quietly brushed under the carpet by Ubisoft, we only ever got to see three (admittedly pretty darn nice) screenshots of this FPS. Ubi decided the game didn't have any hope of commercial success and that was that. Tchah.

From: U-235 Studios

After 15 months of work, the great hope of newly-formed Aussie developer U-235 was killed off because the team couldn't secure a publisher and hence ran out of cash. Might have been okay. We'll never know.

From: Terminal Reality

Famed horror scribe Clive Barker was on board for story and artistic direction duties and was also said to making a film for simultaneous release with the game. Not any more he isn't. At least we've got Jericho to fill the gap...


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