Ultimate Alliance intro

[Multi] See the opening FMV of the super Marvel RPG

Monday 21 August 2006
We've got hold of the opening FMV that sets the scene for the biggest superhero alliance in videogaming history. A total of 20 playable Marvel characters prepare to take on the worst of the comic book universe this October in Marvel: Ultimate Alliance - due to hit all consoles, except DS and GameCube. Just click the movies tab above to see the heroes in action.

The Alliance has formed because of a new threat posed by Dr Doom whose metal mug shows up in the intro movie prompting the arrival of a quartet of Marvel heroes: a wisecracking Spider-Man, an arrogant Thor, a cranky Wolverine and a bossy Captain America.

Even though none of the footage is in-game it's a great watch and proves that even though the heroes are on the same side it doesn't necessarily mean they'll get on.