Top 7... Cutesy Characters We Want to Beat the Crap Out of

Yeah, they're cute, but they're so damn annoying

Contributors:AJ Glasser%26amp;Brett Elston
Art by:Tyler Wilde
Face:Chris Antista

Admit it - you%26rsquo;ve thought about choking quite a few videogame characters to death. Whether it%26rsquo;s an annoying sidekick or a particularly tough boss, there%26rsquo;s no denying that the urge to bust somebody in the mush hasn%26rsquo;t seized you. There are a lot of deserving punks we could put into this article - but the mostirritating offenses come from the cutest characters. Those fluffy types just there to make a game more friendly, more fun... and more *shudder* cute.

You know what we%26rsquo;re talking about. %26ldquo;No, irritating menu sprite, I don%26rsquo;t want to save my game- yes, I%26rsquo;m sure!%26rdquo; or %26ldquo;Dammit, truculent NPC that has something I want but won%26rsquo;t sell it to me, I%26rsquo;ve gotten your thirty rat butts, now hand it over!%26rdquo;

The aggravation is endless and we don%26rsquo;t blame even the most mild-mannered of you for snapping once in a while and wanting to drive a spike through the eye of even the most adorable gaming character out there. But let us cash in on your anger with our Top 7 Cutesy Characters We Want to Beat theCrap Out of- go on, let your inner sadist loose.

7. Pikachu, Pokemon series - (AKA %26ldquo;Pokeman,%26rdquo; %26ldquo;That Yellow Rat,%26rdquo; and %26ldquo;Ash%26rsquo;s NumberOne Bitch%26rdquo;)

One look at that little yellow face and we can feel the hate flowing. Okay, he%26rsquo;s not that bad of a character to have in your Poke-repertoire and the faint-hearted Pokemon lovers among you may want to skip this page. But for the rest of is- F#*%26amp; this little yellow f#*%26amp;er.

He%26rsquo;s so annoying with is constant blathering and immunity to lightning- and what%26rsquo;s with lording his superiority over other, more deserving pokemon by hogging the anime limelight. Pikachu is not that powerful, he%26rsquo;s not that rare and he%26rsquo;s not even a shiny; so why does this little bastard get all the attention and get to be in Super Smash Bros. where he incites us to greater rage with his cheap-ass lighting attacks. For someone on whom the entire Poke franchise is pinned, could we please have a character who can say more than his own name?

How we%26rsquo;d do it:
There%26rsquo;s an easy way to do this and fun way to do this: A) a spiked bat and a bottle of hot sauce or B) a grounding spike driven right through his eye.

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