The World Ends With You

Jan 14, 2008

We love it when this happens: it’s so refreshing when Square Enix move away from their usual money-spinners and finally decide to tackle a fresh, new idea. The World Ends With You is just that. Set in Shibuya, Tokyo - the hip and trendy fashion capital of Japan’s youth culture - this game is a 2D RPG that shirks all the usual fantasy RPG conventions.

You play Neku Sakuraba, a 15-year-old boy who receives a text message informing him that he’s going to die in seven days. Unless, that is, he takes part in the mysterious ‘Shinigami Game,’ which involves completing a number of challenges using his recently acquired psychic powers and wearing the latest trends. While the Shinigami are his ultimate antagonists, Neku will mainly battle against ‘The Noise’; physical manifestations of people’s negative thoughts.

The World Ends With You may sound like a Bond film, but it’s also the most exciting project we’ve seen from Square Enix in a long time. Not to mention a great look inside the world of modern Tokyo.


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