The Video Zone - Episode 4


We're well aware that most of your are reading our site when you should be working, or studying for your finals. And we encourage that. Because in the same diversionary spirit, we've put aside our tireless Halo 3 and Sony Gamer's Day coverage to scrounge the depths of the internet to find what's truly important: Wacky Vidz. Take a look below and embrace the weirdness.

Niagara PS3 death

We know Genji was bad, but this is just ridiculous. Watch in horror as this “comedy” duo send $600 of gaming goodness over one of the world’s biggest waterfalls. Madness.

Ode to PS3

Sit back and admire this heart-rending PS3 ballet, composed by a couple of guys while they were queuing for a PS3 in LA. Honestly, we preferred the riots. Sort of.

MGS fan film

Ah, Japanese students, you’ve got to love them. Highlights from this handmade Metal Gear film include some comedy CQC moments and lots of earnest slow motion running. Snaaake!


We wish the employees in our local Gamestation showed this much enthusiasm. Watch the crew from the Hull branch make idiots of themselves trying to shift SingStar on its launch day.


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