The Top 7... Game-Changing Cheats

They say that "clothes make the man." We say that these ridiculously over-the-top bonus clothes, hidden in both God of War games, make Kratos a lot easier to hang around. In case you hadn't noticed, the guy's a bit of an irritable downer. Wah wah, killedmy own family, wah wah.

Dress him up like an oversized fish, lactating cow or pot-wielding kitchen chef, however, and he's the life of the party. Look at that bovine laugh! Check out those aquarium dance moves! Wow, is Kratos making us omelets?

His costume trunk also reveals new hobbies, ones that will probably serve Kratos much better in our modern world than his past fetishes for chains, tattoos and questionable facial hair. Scuba diving, corporate business and woman's intuition? Who knew?

To give Kratos some fresh style, you'll need to finish the game and start completing Challenges. The original God of War gives you Dairy Bastard, Chef of War, Tycoonius and Bubbles. The sequel has Cod of War and Athena. Different difficulty levels unlock different costumes, so check our good friendCheatPlanetfor the specifics.

"God Mode" is merely a fancy schmancy way of saying "invincibility" in the majority of games, but not in Rise of the Triad. The creators of this ancient DOS shooter interpreted the term quite literally, bestowing players with the wrathful powers of the Almighty him or herself.

Type "dipstick" followed by "toosad" to enable the cheat. Those bored yawns you're hearing? Guess both God and the developers think that wiping out every enemy on screen with absolutely no effort on your part is, well, pretty lame.